How to Install Ceramic

There are several steps you should look carefuly to get the best result for  ceramics installation, please follow this steps:

1). Soak the tile in the water.

This will make the ceramics become more elastic and easily attached during the ceramics installation.

2). Be aware the quality of the ceramics.

If ceramic shown grade 1 then there is no problem for installation, but if the ceramics shown grade 2 or grade 3 it will be hard to adjust the ceramics precision. Thats why  the tile grout should be more loose, because each tile has a difference shape of 0.2 - 0.5 mm, so the ceramics do not collide with each other.

3). Apply cement mixture.

Spread cement mixture that has been mixed with a small amount of water on the bottom of the ceramic tile, it will make the ceramic adhesion really stick to the ground.

4). Clean up the ceramics and the ground from the gravel.

Mixture and the ground must be clean before the installment, the floor must be clean from pebbles, stones and other obstacles that would make a cracks under the tiles.

5). Make a solid sound on the tile.

Tap/knock the newly installed tile and make sure no hollow on the bottom between ceramics and the ground. Because it will make the ceramics loose and break the tile in the future. Check the height of the tile and the ground is equal to the drawn thread to determine the height of the floor.

6). Install tile grout after ceramics tile installed.

Do not install ocher cement or grout on the tiles immediately. Leave it for 2 or 3 days. This will make the rest of the air that will settle out through the grout that has not been closed. After that put the cement grout and do not forget to clean the empty grout from the dust and sediment.

7). Don't  trampled on the floor.

Secure new installed ceramics areas from passing people for 2-3 days. Ceramic will broken because mixture underneath the tiles is still not strong enough to be over burdened.

8). Double check the tiles.

In an installation area size about 3 x 3 meters usually 3-5 ceramics has a hollow. immediately loading ceramics and repeat the installation.


2. Video How to Install Ceramic



How to Install Granite

There are several steps you should look carefuly to get the best result for  granite installation, please follow this steps:

1). The ground to install should be even/balanced.

2). Installation of granite should be from the middle to the side, not from the side to the middle

3). Mixture of cement and water is evenly distributed on the surface to be installed.

4). Suggested to using a trawl.

5). Before installing granite tile,on edge from the cement mixture is need to dump for 1 to 1.5 cm wide along the granite (to accommodate the side pressure from excessed cement and sand).

6). For installation almost without grout, the side of the granite that have been installed or will be installed must be cleaned, so no material that will makes look a like a grout.

7). When installing granit tiles highly preferred mounting surface flatness using a long water-pass.

Once installed the granite tiles should not be trampled for 2 days (for glue cement) and 4 days (for sand cement)


2. Video How to Install Granite