Bogor Nirwana Residence

Under Bakrieland group, Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) is definitely one of the exclusive housing, business, and recreation estate in Bogor, West Java. This exceptional "resort concept" housing estate are commited to reserve 60% of land for greenery. ATENA and PICASSO has been trusted to beautify their minimalist pop art commercial estate,SOHO GREEN VALLEY, both for phase 1 and phase 2.

Bukit Alam Surya Residence

As one of the prestigious hill estate, they has broaden their customers' mind with various design style. They combined a classic, mediterranean, and minimalist design style with a great hill-view scenery. With the support from ATENA and PICASSO quality floor and wall tiles made by CJFI, this middle-up scale estate has succesfully redefined a new boundary of a modern living in Bandar Lampung.

Metland Cileungsi Residence

Most of every cluster in Metland Cileungsi Residence had a remarkable positive response for its elegant architecture and interior design. The developer has trusted CJFI with ATENA and PICASSO quality ceramic floor and wall tiles to beautify its interior design. This excellent partnership has been completed as one of the most excellent residence with superb interior design in nearby area.

Metland Transyogi Residence

Metland Transyogi Residence is a minimalist modern eco-friendly residential which has excellent greenery, amenities and natural surroundings. A wonderful harmony between its architecture and interior design has been completed with ATENA and PICASSO high quality ceramic floor and wall tiles from CJFI. This perfect collaboration has made this residential flawless.


Ampera Food Stall

Ampera Food Stall is a traditional cuisine restaurant from Bandung which famous with their Sundanese delicacy. One of the restaurant that located in Bogor has been succesfully create a new meaning of minimalist modern interior design in their dining room. This nuance has been more comfy after the selection of high quality ATENA and PICASSO ceramic floor tile from CJFI.

Mega Lestari Residence

Mega Lestari Residence is a modern residential which consists of 4 high quality clusters which located in the heart of Tangerang city. The residence has entrust its floor tile with our high quality ATENA and PICASSO tiles produced by CJFI to expose its modern minimalist architectural and interior design.

PLN Bogor branch office

PLN Bogor branch office is an excellent example that government office can have an elegant yet simple interior design.  The decision to use PICASSO ceramic floor and wall tile from CJFI was an excellent choice to bring an elegant feels to its ambiance, yet still easy to maintain.


PT. San Fang Indonesia

PT. San Fang Indonesia Serang, a company which has extensive production activity in synthetic leather manufacturing. ATENA floor tile from CJFI has been selected as its floor tile because it was proven as one of the most safety, easy maintenance, yet durable floor covering.


Mata Raya Residence

Mata Raya Residence as one of the middle up-class residential in Serang, Banten; is very selective in choosing floor and wall ceramic tiles to meet their architecture and interior design concept. We thank to the developer who have trusted our high quality ATENA and PICASSO floor and wall ceramic tiles produced by CJFI to complete their residentials for all these years.

Green Garden Residence

Green Garden Residence as one of the upperclass modern estate in West Jakarta, had choose our high quality ATENA and PICASSO ceramic floor tiles  manufactured by CJFI to complete their minimalist and modern residential.

Primavera Residence

Primavera Residence which located in Ciluengsi, Bogor also has trusted our high quality PICASSO ceramic floor tile and wall tiles to complete their interior design perfection.

The Green Pramuka Apartement

The Green Pramuka Apartement is an eco-living residential apartment which located in Pramuka, Central Jakarta. Developer has given credence to PICASSO ceramic floor tiles made by CJFI  to beautify the interior of its apartment units.